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A glove with 5 inertial sensors for hand gesture recognition

WaveGlove: A glove with five inertial sensors for hand gesture recognition
The WaveGlove Prototype. An inertial sensor is hooked up to every of the 5 fingers, measuring acceleration and angular velocity, that are used for gesture classification. All of the used elements are low-cost and broadly obtainable, which additional showcases the potential of a mass manufacturing of an analogous gadget sooner or later. Credit score: Kralik & Suppa.

Over the previous few a long time, laptop scientists have developed a wide selection of fashions and approaches to research totally different features of human habits and communication, similar to speech, feelings and gestures. Most present methods for hand gesture recognition depend on using wearable applied sciences with a single sensor and might solely acknowledge a restricted variety of fundamental gestures.

Researchers at Comenius College Bratislava in Slovakia have lately developed WaveGlove, a brand new system for hand gesture recognition that makes use of a number of inertial sensors, as a substitute of a single sensor. This new system, launched in a paper pre-published on arXiv, is basically a glove with an inertial sensor positioned on every of its fingers.

“Our latest paper showcases using a number of inertial sensors for hand gesture recognition (HGR),” Matej Kralik, one of many researchers who carried out the research, instructed TechXplore. “By constructing a customized {hardware} prototype and proposing a novel Transformer-based mannequin (a community structure, which had numerous success on pure language processing duties), we exhibit that utilizing a number of sensors can have important impact on the classification accuracy and permits for a richer vocabulary of gestures.”

Utilizing WaveGlove, the hand gesture recognition system they created, the researchers had been capable of purchase two datasets containing over 11000 hand gesture samples. Kralik and his colleagues then designed two totally different gesture vocabularies, one containing 8 whole-hand actions (WaveGlove-single) and one other containing 10 extra complicated, rigorously designed hand gestures, for which particular person fingers transfer otherwise (WaveGlove-multi).

WaveGlove: A glove with five inertial sensors for hand gesture recognition
Gestures from the WaveGlove-single dataset are much like these generally categorized utilizing just one sensor. The sensor strikes within the course of the arrow. Credit score: Kralik & Suppa.

“The presence of a number of sensors permits us to design and classify a richer vocabulary of gestures compared to single handheld sensors,” Kralik mentioned. “Gestures we classify utilizing a number of sensors are much like these we already use in our every day lives. This makes using a tool like WaveGlove simpler and extra pure.”

Along with compiling datasets of hand gestures and confirming the effectiveness of the WaveGlove system, the researchers benchmarked over 10 classification strategies for hand gesture recognition, a few of which that they had developed as a part of their earlier analysis. They evaluated these strategies on quite a few totally different datasets, as they hoped that this might assist to standardize leads to the sector of hand gesture recognition.

WaveGlove: A glove with five inertial sensors for hand gesture recognition
A number of the gestures from the WaveGlove-multi dataset. The presence of a number of sensors permits for differing finger actions in addition to utilizing gestures we already know from our every day lives. Credit score: Kralik & Suppa.

The findings gathered by this crew of researchers may have quite a few invaluable implications. Firstly, their work may inform analysis focusing readily available gesture recognition and assist to boost present programs. Secondly, the WaveGlove prototype they created may finally be used to enhance communications between people and machines, permitting the latter to higher interpret human hand gestures.

“To the most effective of our data, we offer the primary publicly obtainable multi-sensor dataset of great dimension within the space of Hand Gesture Recognition utilizing inertial sensors,” Kralik mentioned. “We additionally exhibit that the optimum quantity and placement of the sensors is determined by the gestures being categorized. We now intention to discover the additional fine-tuning of the Transformer-based mannequin we examined, rising the scale and variability of the dataset and increasing the multi-sensor vocabulary of gestures.”

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WaveGlove: Transformer-based hand gesture recognition utilizing a number of inertial sensors. arXiv:2105.01753 [cs.HC].

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