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Bothered by the fact that Tsukune apparently does not pay attention to her due to her size, Yukari goes to the infirmary, where Mako Yakumaru , the school nurse, turns her into an attractive adult. After Tsukune is injured while protecting Yukari, he removes the rosary from Moka's neck before fainting. After the girls invade him in the bathroom, Kasumi then faints from the stress, assuming him as a gigolo. As Kurumu and Yukari work to illuminate the real culprit and clear Tsukune's name, Moka ponders who Tsukune truly is in her heart. Afterwards, Mizore then treats everyone to her innovative shaved ice stew.

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The next day, Tsukune manages to pass the midterms, thanks to Moka's notes.

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Tsukune finally reunites with Moka's outer self, only to be bitten on the neck again. Moka becomes convinced Tsukune is trying to return to the human world. The Newspaper Club attempts to collect evidence of the Security Committee's corruption. She remembers back to when Moka's inner self had told her to try living her life before thinking of dying, which gives her the motivation to practice making curry at home.

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