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Similarly, female Tauren in World of Warcraft have normal human breasts instead of udders, making for some really weird appearances. Kalypso is a straight female example. Her chest is very puffed out and even forms cleavage when she inhales. He starts thinking about things that will keep him from getting there too soon, one of the things being "bugs. Strangely enough, that's the only humanoid feature that fish has, and isn't even noticeable at first Transmetal Airazor was the first ever western Transformers figure to be designed as a female all others were either aborted during the design phase or were conceived as males but retroactively had their gender changed , and naturally, she has these.

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This seems to be a running theme with all of jollyjack's female furry characters, often to ridiculous extremes.

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Non-Mammal Mammaries

Len : I won't have you putting chemicals in the water that turns the freakin' frogs sexy! Literature Played with in the Discworld novel Feet of Clay , where with Cheery noting about how hard it is to be openly female and a dwarf, Angua a werewolf muses internally that at least she doesn't feel like she should be wearing three bras sometimes. It's likely because of her cloak and hood giving off that appearance.

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