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Who originally laughed as the old woman explained the wearer of the bra would grow till they outgrew it. Lifting her shirt up she giggled a slightly joyous giggle as she saw her now massive bosom threating to outgrow the bra soon. Amanda was stunned when she realized she was starting to grow again. If only one person likes this as much as I do it was worth any loss of followers. A smile on her face as a copter was almost taken out by her nipple as she continued growing bigger and bigger. Amanda shook her breasts in front of the camera as she teased her chat.

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Alanna. Age: 26.
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The bottle had said one a day till you reached your desired size.

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Amya. Age: 21.
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Another chimed in that it would be funny to see what she would do if she started growing more. Looking at the chat she saw someone had donated 2, bucks. Tossing into the side yard nonchalantly before growing big enough to step out of the house with ease. Having been the smallest in the group she thought the old woman was just trying to play at an insecurity but she insisted she take it, told judy if she liked the results she could come back and pay her afterwards.

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