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I've never told anyone this, but you need to know When her family finds out, they marry her off in a strategic alliance without telling her that the reason they're so horrified is that the druid Ciaran is actually the son of her mother's evil stepmother, thus making him her half-uncle. Our hero has done something legitimately bad! In the first Killer Instinct game, Black Orchid has a finishing move where she unzips the front of her outfit and flashes her breasts to her opponent, causing male characters including Jago to pass out in excitement. Making them, you know, brothers.

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Heaven. Age: 28.
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However, at the end due to some messing around with the space-time continuum, Karin ends up traveling back in time and marrying Yuri's father

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Aubrielle. Age: 20.
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Incest/Taboo Stories

Subverted in The Elvenbane by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey when Valyn is determined to push away Shana even though he admits that she is lovely and knows that she has a massive crush on him. John assures her that it's all right because he's not her brother - when he was born, an insane nurse switched him with another baby. Though this discovery explains why he finds her emotionally compelling, he continues to wrestle with having some degree of physical attraction to her - made all the more complicated by the fact that he believes his entire experience is a delusion. In Garden of Shadows , Corrine and Chris, who in prior books were already half-uncle and niece, turn out to be half-brother and half-sister as well though they seem to be unaware of that part.

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