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The other hand reached down to his own still very hard dick. He couldn't have cared less at the moment about the details, he had tried to convince himself enough times that this wasn't something he would enjoy or want to do. It was hot as fuck in there, the sweaters had been peeled off and Mark was leaning against the locked door. Raw and vicious, his usually high obnoxious voice had turned into a heated growl and there was a fire in his eyes. The fact that Mark was an apparently a pro when it came to blowjobs was a footnote to be dwelled on for a second or two before grabbing his hair harder and forcing Mark's head down farther on his cock.

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Jack didn't, the fucking Irish bastard grabbed took the second to gain the upper hand and he slammed Mark back against the cold tile wall.

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Unfortunately, for them anyway, this didn't go exactly as planned. Mark spat on the floor, he could only do so much, swallowing was not one of them. PAX can get a bit crazy, the fans can get a bit crazy. Unzipping it he reached in and pulled out a very unexpected ounce bottle of Irish whiskey.

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