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Everything worked out for Hank, once Bobby realized Lamas cannot get married and that he cared too much for Connie with this choice being accepted by the lead monk despite it being the mirror that was owned by the previous llama. It is up to Connie to pull Bobby out of a big mess. In " Hank's Choice ", when the family discovers Bobby is allergic to Ladybird , the family dog, Bobby lives outside the house. This revelation seems to have eased some tension between Hank and Bobby. Although Bobby won by default, Hank is still proud of his rare win. When Bobby joined the track team, his out-of-shape physiology was used by the coach to punish slackers by having Bobby substitute for them.

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These qualities make him a comic foil to his ex-high-school-football-playing, tool-savvy father.

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Bobby Hill

Some believe it to be Jeffrey, as stated in the episode " Bobby Slam " when a very drunk Peggy said she wanted to name him Jeffrey but Hank would not let her. One constant throughout the entire run of the show has been Bobby's affinity for fruit pies. Bobby and Peggy in " Bobby Goes Nuts ".

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