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Amused, VeVe lines up the ladies and victory poses over them, before leaving them alone to hopelessly struggle to escape! Rachel tries her best, but this match is impossible. Spring has sprung, and it's time for our next 4-Way female bondage wrestling tournament -- and this time the ladies come to do battle dressed as shiny superheroines! The ladies "draw straws" to find out who will face whom for the first round of the tournament battle. Candid and light-hearted tone. Details to Note : Personality-wise, the ladies are themselves, not their costume characters; this is a competitive bondage wrestling costume event, not a superheroine storyline. VeVe pulls her bound superheroines into a group, tightening and tidying their ropes as they squirm and complain.

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Kayden. Age: 25.
superheroine hogtied

She then surprises them all with a variety of gags: a cleave gag for Ashley, ball gag for Jade, duct tape gag for Rachel.

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Veronica. Age: 22.
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Rachel tries her best, but this match is impossible. Jade wears Lady Flash, red tights, boots. Ashley wears 2-piece SuperGirl outfit, Ultra-shimmer tights.

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