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Archived from the original on May 28, Several observations indicate that male—male sexual preference in rams is sexually motivated. Male homosexuality has been inferred in several species of dragonflies the order Odonata. In early February the New York Times reported that Roy and Silo , a male pair of chinstrap penguins in the Central Park Zoo in New York City had successfully hatched and fostered a female chick from a fertile egg they had been given to incubate. Sexual selection in scaled reptiles lizards snakes side-blotched lizard Crocodilians Tuatara. Animal Homosexuality: A Biosocial Perspective.

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However, in addition to homosexual behavior, several abnormal behaviors were also exhibited apparently due to this mutation.

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'Gay Elephant' Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Penguins have been observed to engage in homosexual behaviour since at least as early as More than 20 species of bat have been documented to engage in homosexual behavior. Males also have same-sex relations, typically with multiple partners of the same age.

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