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Pain is the body's way of signaling that something is going on. Stomach pain alerts us to something that's happening inside us that we might not know about otherwise. Some reasons for belly pain are obvious, like when someone gets hit in the gut or eats spoiled macaroni salad.

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Stomach pain in children is very often caused by wind and indigestion, neither of which is serious. Sometimes stomach pain is called functional abdominal pain. If your child has a urinary tract infection, she might also have pain when doing a wee, be doing more wees than normal, and might have a fever, be vomiting and feel irritable.

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If a child or teen has gastroesophageal reflux GERhe or she may taste food or stomach acid in the back of the mouth. Symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD in children and teens can vary depending on their age. The most common symptom of GERD in children 12 years and older is regular heartburna painful, burning feeling in the middle of the chest, behind the breastbone, and in the middle of the abdomen.

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A teenage girl who has not eaten in almost a year has been told by doctors that she may never be able to eat or drink again. Lily Tock, from Brough in East Yorkshire, suffers from gastroparesis — a condition that paralyses her stomach. The year-old spends around 18 hours a day connected to tubes which provide her with essential fats, oils and vitamins which her body struggles to absorb through food. Lily takes morphine and Tramadol every day to control pain but these make her drowsy and she relies on a wheelchair.

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Barbara Sass, 19, will spend the rest of her life being fed through a tube but the brave teen is determined not to let that hold her back. After years of struggling to keep food down, causing her to lose more than 1. She says her condition has caused her to have constant kidney failure, abdominal bleeding and claims doctors have even accused her of having an eating disorder.

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Irritable bowel syndrome IBS is a common intestinal disorder that affects the colon the large intestine. The colon's main job is to absorb water and nutrients from partially digested food. Anything that is not absorbed is slowly moved through the colon toward the rectum and out of the body as waste in the form of feces poop.

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A teenage girl can finally eat again after doctors removed a hairball the size of a melon from her stomach. Aakansha was taken to Doon Medical College and Hospital in India where doctors X-rayed her abdomen and found a mass taking up 80 percent of her stomach. She was taken into surgery and medics were astonished when they pulled a huge lump of hair from her belly.

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Losing excess body fat is a great way to get healthy. While losing excess body fat is important for overweight teens, the focus should always be on improving health, not body weight. Having a realistic weight goal can be helpful for some teens, but improving diet and increasing physical activity can be much more effective overall. Family support and education at home and at school are associated with teen weight loss success and can help reinforce positive lifestyle changes 1.

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It depends. Children and teens may go through cycles. For example, they may eat more and gain some extra weight right before a growth spurt in height.

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Teens don't always eat the best foods. Here are some helpful tips on how to meet a growing body's needs. The teen years are a time of rapid growth.


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