Steven quartz universe

steven quartz universe
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He's goofy, energetic and optimistic, yet takes his role as a Crystal Gem seriously, learning all his lessons, and taking his discipline with good humor when the situation calls for it. However, as the series goes on, his caring philosophy often clashes against the morally complex world around him. However, he's matured more since then and now it's usually his mother's fault when something goes wrong. Second, following from the above problem, Steven's desire to help people leads him to repressing his own emotional trauma and not addressing it because he worries more about their needs than his own. Whether it's traveling at the speed of light, entering into a presumably dangerous human zoo, or ready to fight those he perceives as trying to keep his father against his will. Fourth, "Beach City Drift" proves that despite Steven caring for everybody, including his enemies, he is still capable of hatred.

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Itzel. Age: 29.
steven quartz universe

Forgotten First Meeting : Averted with Connie.

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Steven Quartz Universe

Steven: Keep your hands off my Connie! As much as he is a Cuddle Bug , even he find the Diamonds' behavior towards him to be far too overbearing. Universe merchandise Greg owns, as a box of identical t-shirts can be seen in his van during the episode. He's also been shown lifting a road case twice his height when stood on one end that took two grown men and roadies at that, a job in which being strong is a requirement due to moving heavy equipment for the band to carry.

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