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The copyrights for these materials are held by the various respective owners. You may not under any circumstance publish, use, make a profit from, or reproduce this material without the express consent from the webmaster. In all, the nudity lasted only a few seconds. Below is a clip of the original version of the scene Playboy magazine asked Barbra about the film in

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Paislee. Age: 24.
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It is interesting to note that in this age of the internet, some enterprising person actually reconstructed the Pussycat nude scene, utilizing the beginning and ending parts from the actual film, then inserting the nude frames in between, which were cut.

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Saige. Age: 22.
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The Owl and the Pussycat

Any historical photographs of Barbra Streisand or multimedia files relating to her work included on these pages is provided for strictly non-profit research. The film featured an actress with Egyptian eyeliner who resembled Streisand. It is not officiated by Barbra Streisand, her management, Columbia Records, or other official parties. It helped earn the movie an "R" rating in its original release.

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