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Experimentation can be the best part of sex but those who are just starting out should treat this process with care. Now What? Why not start with a kiss and a cuddle?

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When I was a teenager, I used to watch episodes of MTV Cribs and get excited when celebrities would show their bedrooms. I wanted to know more. What kind of magic were they talking about?

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Better sex doesn't take a closet full of toys or studying the Kama Sutra as if you were preparing for the bar exam—it takes a little extra effort and a willingness to try new things with a partner you trust. In fact, there are super-easy things you can do to spice up your sex life tonight. Try out one or more of these 11 ideas for an extra-sexy evening.

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Whether you are totally new to sex or just want to discover how to have sex that's amazing in the future, this guide is for you. Sex can be one of the most exquisite experiences in life, but no one gets an instruction manual The rules that follow give you a strong foundation so you can enjoy the process of learning how to have sex — as a total beginner or anytime you want to make your sex life stronger. If you learn how to have sex from watching movies, you'll have a disastrous sex life.

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If the once hot and steamy passion is slowly fizzling out of your sex lifethere is hope for you. One way to bring back some of that fire is to work on your communication skills and self-image. The Cheat Sheet spoke with sexuality and relationship coach Ariel Nicole to discover how you can keep things hot and sexy.

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Hey, it's okay to ask. We should all be doing whatever it takes to get more pleasure for ourselves and our partner or partners during sex. No one has the time these days to waste, so we'll make it easy for you.

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Is it possible to keep your sex life steamy as a parent? Clearly, many of us with kids are noticing a struggle between our parenting lives and our sex lives—and our sex lives are losing. The good news is that it's totally possible to keep the bedroom action alive and sexy post-kids.

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My clients frequently ask me how to optimize their sex lives for more mind-blowing hotness. Here are seven things that need to be in place before your sex life can soar make sure you read all the way to the end… the last three are my favourites! Turn off the cell phones.

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Society may frown on you or embarrass you if you talk about anything beyond the missionary position in bed. And trying something new in bed or talking about a new sexual desire is something all couples need to indulge in. And the once-a-fortnight hour both of you dedicate to sex will turn into something a lot wilder, and a lot more frequent!

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How to burn up the bedroom when it's scorching outside. Summertime sex has a lot going for it. An Australian study also showed that people have slightly more sexual partners in the summer.


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